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Sugar Cane Alcohol

Sugar Cane AlcoholSugar cane alcohol is made from fermented sugar cane juice, which is then distilled. As a premium alcohol supplier, we ensure that our sugar cane alcohol is always distilled a minimum of four times, and is therefore low in impurities. Find out how you can use bulk sugarcane alcohol for your craft distillation, and much more.

What is sugar cane alcohol?

A fermented and distilled product of sugarcane juice, this alcohol has a neutral smell and taste. Sugar cane alcohol has many uses that range from alcohol production to food applications.

Why use sugar cane alcohol in your distillation process?

Despite the word sugar giving a sweet first impression, this base spirit is a serious multi-tasker. Sugar cane alcohol 96% can be used to produce distilled spirits such as vodka, bitters, and liqueurs. On the more tropical side, sugar cane alcohol is also commonly used in the production of rum and caçhaca. Sugarcane spirit is a base spirit ideal for the industrial alcohol production. Catering to alcohol types and tastes from around the world, this base spirit gives craft distillers flexibility, not only in terms of industrial alcohol production, but also in which specific markets to target around the world. Covering everything from bitter to tropical palettes, its uses even reach beyond alcohol production. It can also function as a preservative, aid in vinegar production and many other food applications. Has sugar cane alcohol managed to convince you of both its serious and its sweet side? Feel free to review our packaging options to see which quantities are right for you.

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